PUBlic Discourse Event

Agora Institute Alumni and Young Professionals

  • Date Oct 28, 2015
  • Venue The Agora Institute
    Fowler Hall
    Eastern University
    1300 Eagle Road
    Saint Davids, PA 19087

The 2015-16 PUBlic Discourse Alumni and Young Professionals Event Series is titled "The Breaking and Healing of Christendom."

On October 28th, Professor Glenn Moots of Northwood University will be visiting to lead a conversation on the second major break within Christendom, what we usually call the “Reformation.” When it comes to understanding the Reformation - its motivation or justification, its virtues or its vices - imprecision and confusion is common.

Understandably, our compass points may be our own spiritual pilgrimage (e.g. “I like the ceremony,” “It didn’t feel spiritual,” “I felt disconnected from my church”). We may rely on a familiar academic catchphrase (e.g. “Individual priesthood of the believer”) or a charge used by one side against the other (e.g., “Nominalism!” “Works righteousness!”). Such reference points don’t help and neither does our culture’s spiritual apathy, inclusiveness, and permissiveness. This breaking of Western Christendom must be understood if there is ever to be healing. We must also understand our differences if we are to individually serve God and worship Him aright.

How do we hold in tension a belief in “one, holy catholic, and apostolic Church” while also acknowledging the many churches we see today? 

Space is limited for this event.  For more information on how to get involved, please email