Leisure, the Basis of Summer Break

R. J. SnellJun 22, 2015

Classes have ended, or soon will, with final papers and exams to follow them into the hazy fog of memory. The term is over, and summer is (almost) here.

For some of you, this is a transition to a career, while others look forward to internships, a summer job, or summer classes—in other words, work. For many of you, summer brings travel, family, baseball games, and grilling—a reprieve, even idleness. That’s all fine and well, and certainly a good life includes tubing down rivers or dangling legs off docks.

But whatever you do, don’t waste the idle time you have.

Don’t waste idle time—what could that mean? Isn’t idling, by definition, to waste time, to idle time away, to do nothing?

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