Laudato Si’ and the Feverish Summer

R. J. SnellAug 20, 2015

For many, this summer was long, hot, and awful — at least politically; no one particularly recalls the weather. Why so rotten? Laudato si’,Obergefell, Planned Parenthood, and Trump.

The less said about Trump the better, a judgment many people also have made about Laudato si’, Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment. After some initial eye-rolling and murmurs about competence on scientific matters, the document was largely ignored, replaced as a topic of conversation by gay marriage and the booming trade in fetal organs.

This is a mistake. For however flabby Laudato si’ seems at first glance, the document, as I read it, is a gift from the Holy Spirit at just the right time. In the divine pedagogy, its May release was a rebuke to the June errors of Obergefell and the horrors of Planned Parenthood in July and August.

Of course I am not referring to the encyclical’s statements about climate change, which, as rooted in scientific understanding are entirely revisable, even reversible (although they may also be true). But given all the sound and fury on global warming, too few have given adequate attention to the abiding and non-revisable theological teachings forming the encyclical’s core, and which are beautifully and powerfully articulated.

And which preemptively refuted Obergefell and condemned Planned Parenthood and all the other collaborators in the culture of death.

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